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Welcome to TrojanTrack

Revolutionising equine injury prevention without the use of wearable technology

"A good horse is a sound horse"

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Our Business

TrojanTrack is pairing biomechanical analysis with deep neural network technology in the equine industry. We will provide quick and accurate biomechanical analysis on horses using just a smartphone camera and tripod, without the need for any wearable technology.

Biomechanical analysis is widely used in human athletes to analyse and optimise performance. We can now apply this innovative technology to measure how the horse moves and performs. This technology allows us to objectively measure the horse's gait pattern, providing us with data to highlight any potential issues that may be contributing to injury, or limiting their performance.


Cailin Cliste mid walk
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Part 3 - Sacral (Hip) Movement_edited
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Injury Management Process

Our Innovative Technology

Traditional wearable technologies may not be feasible for use in a fast paced busy stable. They are invasive, time-consuming and expensive.

Our technology will be able to use just a camera and tripod, to automatically track 52 data points on the horse, in the time it takes for them to be walked past. This will be converted to biomechanical data and compared to their baseline gait, highlighting any deteriorations or imbalances and providing the trainer with relevant feedback.

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