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CTO / Software Engineer

Do you want to be a part of a growing start-up, involved in the welfare of horses in the equine industry, where computer science and sports science merge together? Do you want to work in an industry-defining enterprise that will change the face of the subjective equine industry?


What We Do

TrojanTrack will provide biomechanical analysis to the trainers of thoroughbred racehorses, analysing their movement pattern for any imbalances or early sign of injury. We will do this using Deep Neural Network technology and high-speed video data, assessing the joint angles, velocities and accelerations of 52 anatomical positions on the horse. This is the future of equine biomechanical analysis, as all competitors are currently using wearables which are time consuming, expensive and not feasible for busy stables.


Key Job Responsibilities

  • Review current systems to correct errors within the existing code

  • Collaborate with the founder and tech advisors in developing and adapting MVPs to fit the trainers’ needs.

  • Conduct pilot tests to assess the functionality of new iterations of code.

  • Conceive, design, and bring to market innovative solutions for both front and back-end implementation.

  • Make key decisions involved in scaling the business, revising previous code to enable more efficient processing times for global distribution.

  • Upgrade systems in order to adapt to the scaling of the business, making them fault-tolerant and easy to use.

  • Manage and lead the technical team once further funding has been acquired to build the commercial product


Ideal Candidate

  • Advanced level of understanding of Python and similar software development languages.

  • A degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics or other relevant fields.

  • Experience building user orientated software

  • Has success building high-performing technical teams and working with rapid growth and implementing change

  • A strategic thinker and effective communicator offering expertise in technological development and the demonstrated ability to implement and execute organizationally.

  • An astute knowledge of Deep Learning and building Deep Neural Networks

  • Excellent verbal communication, organisational skills, leadership, and willingness to work as an early member of a growing team

  • Ability to effectively handle multiple tasks and projects


Job Benefits

  • Flexible hours with the option of remote working.

  • Significant equity in a growing company that will be exporting globally

  • A fast-paced career progression


Please send your CV and a small note on why you believe you are in good position to fill this roll, including any projects completed to date, to

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