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At TrojanTrack, we are at the forefront of a transformational shift in equine welfare and performance assessment. With a focus on precision and care, our technology is set to redefine the standards of health monitoring in the equestrian sphere — not only for racehorses but for all equine subjects.

Market Opportunity:
Despite their crucial role, horse trainers have historically relied on subjective methods to gauge equine health, leading to a significant number of undetected injuries. Our solution, powered by a deep neural network, offers objective and precise lameness detection, addressing a market where early intervention is key to a horse's longevity and value.


Our Product/Service:
The TrojanTrack mobile app revolutionizes equine health monitoring by analyzing 52 body points in motion, providing trainers with accurate, non-invasive health assessments. This cutting-edge approach overcomes the limitations of traditional methods, delivering vital data directly to trainers' fingertips.


Market Size:
The market size for racehorses exclusively is over €600 million ARR globally. The market for all equine subjects is not exactly known, however, the USA alone has a market size of $5.5 billion ARR. Our subscription-based model promises a sustainable and scalable business venture.

Marketing Strategy:
Leveraging user trials and endorsements from industry-leading trainers and universities, TrojanTrack is poised to quickly establish market trust. Our targeted approach involves close collaboration with influential trainers, who will serve as brand advocates, propelling our growth in key international markets.

Track Record & Achievements to Date:​

  • Acceptance into and completion of New Frontiers Phase 1, 2 and 3

  • Awarded the ‘Biggest Impact on Sport’ award from a panel at the SportX pre-accelerator

  • €100k PSSF funding from Enterprise Ireland

  • Founder named on the PwC Sport for Business 30 Under 30 2022

  • Founder named on the Sunday Independent 30 Under 30 2022

  • Awarded 3rd prize in the EmergeTech category at the National Startup Awards

  • Young Innovator of the Year – Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena – National Ploughing Championships 2023

  • AgTech UCD AGcelerator 2023

Funding Requirement:
TrojanTrack is now seeking €600,000 in seed funding to refine our MVP, bolster our technical team, and embark on a robust go-to-market strategy. We invite you to join us on this journey as we aim to secure our position as a leader in equine technology and expand our reach to a global scale.

TrojanTrack is more than an investment; it's a commitment to elevate equine welfare and transform an industry. If you share our passion for innovation and ethical technology, let's connect. Request our pitch deck and explore the opportunity to be part of this exciting venture.

Stephen O'Dwyer Founder

Stephen O'Dwyer - Founder


Young Innovator of the Year 2023


Bronze - EmergeTech 2022

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