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Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the TrojanTrack blog! Here we focus on all things equine, with a particular emphasis on horse welfare. As passionate horse lovers ourselves, we are dedicated to providing the latest information and insights into the health and well-being of these magnificent animals.

Our goal is to help horse owners, trainers, and staff understand the importance of biomechanics and how they can be used to prevent and manage injuries. Our technology uses cutting-edge biomechanical analysis and deep neural network technology to help monitor horse movement and performance. With just a camera and tripod, we can track 52 data points on a horse and provide quick and accurate biomechanical analysis, without the need for invasive wearable technologies.

At TrojanTrack, we understand that horses are not just athletes, but living beings that require the highest level of care and attention. Our blog will cover a variety of topics related to equine health, including case studies, exercise, preventative care, and much more. We believe that by sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can help ensure that horses receive the care they need to live happy and healthy lives.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we explore the world of horses and their welfare. Our hope is that our blog will be a valuable resource for anyone who shares our passion for these magnificent animals. Be sure to check back regularly for new posts, and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. Thank you for visiting the TrojanTrack blog!

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