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Injury Prevention

Maintaining the health and wellness of your equine athletes is a top priority. However, recognizing even the slightest imbalances in their movement can be challenging in a fast-paced stable environment. TrojanTrack provides a solution with our non-invasive and highly-accurate biomechanical analysis. Using just a camera and tripod, we can measure your horse's joint angles, velocities, and accelerations, and provide detailed feedback on their gait patterns. This information can then be used to prevent injuries and optimize performance, all without the need for cumbersome wearable technologies. Partner with us to keep your horses at the top of their game.

"This is going to get in the way of my routine"

We appreciate the importance of maintaining a consistent routine in your equine management practices. Our technology is designed to complement your routine, not disrupt it. The setup is quick and non-invasive, consisting of a  smartphone camera that can be placed in a busy area of your yard, such as the walkway to the horse walker. The data collection process takes place in the time it takes for the horse to be walked past the camera, and our advanced algorithms process the data to provide you with detailed reports, both on an individual and stable-wide level. This enables you to monitor your horses' biomechanics and identify any potential imbalances, without having to compromise your existing routine.

"But there is no 'ideal' movement, none of my horses have the same movement pattern!"

We appreciate the concern about the individuality of each horse's movement. Unlike Formula 1 cars, which are designed to be as symmetrical as possible, horses are living, breathing creatures with their own unique movement patterns and personalities. Our technology recognizes this and instead of comparing your horse to an arbitrary ideal movement, we compare it to its own baseline movement. This allows us to detect any changes in the horse's movement over time that may indicate the onset of an injury. By measuring these changes and providing you with detailed, individualised reports, we empower you to proactively address potential issues before they escalate, keeping your horses healthy and performing at their best

"My horse is in box rest, I already know he/she is injured"

While it's true that box rest is often necessary in order to give a horse the time and space to recover from an injury, relying on subjective evaluations from a vet alone can leave you with a lot of uncertainty. By using our technology, you can track the horse's progress during rehabilitation and receive objective measurements that show how the horse is improving. This allows you to make informed decisions about when the horse is ready to return to work, and make necessary adjustments to their rehabilitation plan if necessary. Our technology helps you to keep your horse on track towards a full recovery, while also giving you the peace of mind that you're making informed decisions

"How can I get involved?"

Getting involved with TrojanTrack is a great opportunity to be a part of shaping the future of the equine industry. As we are constantly working to enhance and refine our technology, your feedback and insights are invaluable to us. Whether you're a trainer, owner, staff member or veterinarian, we'd love to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to reach out through the contact information provided on our website. We are eager to connect and answer any questions you may have

Other FAQs

1.  What is TrojanTrack?

TrojanTrack is a cutting-edge equine technology that uses biomechanical analysis and deep neural network technology to help trainers, owners, staff and veterinarians monitor horse movement and performance. The technology uses just a camera and tripod, eliminating the need for invasive wearable technologies, to track 52 data points on a horse and provide quick and accurate biomechanical analysis

2. Why is biomechanical analysis important for horses?

Biomechanical analysis helps measure and evaluate a horse's movement, gait, and performance, which provides valuable data for improving the horse's overall health and preventing injury

3. Why is TrojanTrack different from traditional wearable technologies?

Traditional wearable technologies can be invasive, time-consuming and expensive, making them unsuitable for use in a fast-paced and busy stable environment. TrojanTrack uses just a smartphone camera and tripod to collect data in real-time, freeing up the horse from restrictive wearable technologies and providing quick and accurate biomechanical analysis

4. How can TrojanTrack help with injury prevention?

In a busy yard, it can be difficult to recognise subtle imbalances in a horse's movement in real-time. TrojanTrack can work with trainers, owners, staff and veterinarians to provide regular, detailed measurements of a horse's movement pattern, including joint angles, velocities, and accelerations. This can help to identify any potential issues that may be leading to injury and provide relevant feedback to help prevent it

5. What if my horse's movement isn't 'ideal'?

Every horse is unique and has a healthy amount of imbalance in their movement, some more severe than others. With TrojanTrack, you can compare each horse to their own individual baseline movement and measure any deteriorations from there. This can help you to track any changes from the norm over time that may be leading to a more serious injury

6. Where is TrojanTrack based?

TrojanTrack is based in the National Equine Innovation Centre in the Irish National Stud. The stud is located in the heart of Kildare -  a county that is synonymous with horses. Kildare is known for its long-standing history and connection with equine excellence, making it the perfect location for TrojanTrack

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