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Injury Prevention

In a busy yard, it may be difficult to recognise subtle imbalances in your horses movement in real-time. We can work with you, or your vet, to provide regular detailed measurements of your horses movement pattern, from joint angles, velocities and accelerations. We can do this using just a camera and tripod freeing up your horse from invasive wearable technologies.

"This is going to get in the way of my routine"

We understand that a consistent routine is one of your top priorities. The technology has been designed to minimise as much hinderance to your routine as possible. A fixed camera can be set up in a busy portion of your yard, maybe on the walkway to the horse walker, and the data can be collected in the time taken for the horse to be walked by the camera. Our servers will then process the data, and provide you with both individual reports should the vet need to analyse them, and stable-wide reports highlighting the horses that may need attention most.

"But there is no 'ideal' movement, none of my horses have the same movement pattern!"

We agree! Horses are not Formula 1 cars where everything is symmetrical to the millimetre. We understand that every horse has a healthy amount of imbalance in their movement, some horses more severe than others. With our technology we can compare each horse to their own individual baseline movement, and measure any deteriorations from there. We can use this to track any changes from the norm over time that may be leading towards a more serious injury.

"My horse is in box rest, I already know he/she is injured"

We're very sorry to hear! How many times have you had to put a horse on box rest, and "evaluate in two weeks", only to be told the same thing over and over again by the vet, disrupting your training and race planning schedule? With TrojanTrack, we can provide constant analysis on the horse's movements through rehabilitation, giving you objective measurements on how far along they are, using baseline comparisons.

"How can I get involved?"

We would love to hear from you! As we are in the early stages of development, we are constantly in talks with trainers, owners, staff and veterinarians to help us adapt the technology to be easier to use, and conduct trials in yards around the world. Feel free to get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of this page. We are always open for a chat, no matter what questions you may have!

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